Lets get this started!

A good friend of mine convinced me a while back that I should start a travel blog to record my experiences during my journeys and to showcase the photos I took along the way.  I considered myself a writer for the first thirty years of my life but the last decade has been a dry spell for me so bear with me as I work at finding my words again. Hopefully I can use this forum to get back into what I always figured would be a lifelong passion.
I was looking for a creative title and roving or rovin’ seemed to be a fitting word:
noun: roving; plural noun: rovings
  1. another term for rove3.
    • roves collectively.
gerund or present participle: roving
  1. travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander.
    “a quarter of a million refugees roved around the country”
    synonyms: wanderroamrambledriftmeanderMore

    • wander over or through (a place) without a destination.
      “children roving the streets”
    • travel for one’s work, having no fixed base.
      “he trained as a roving reporter”
    • (of eyes) look in changing directions in order to see something thoroughly.
      “the policeman’s eyes roved around the bar”
late 15th century (originally a term in archery in the sense ‘shoot at a casual mark of undetermined range’): perhaps from dialect rave ‘to stray,’ probably of Scandinavian origin.


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