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I did not have the pleasure of discovering Halifax, Nova Scotia until the summer of 2013 while on a whirlwind tour of the east coast.  I have been back twice since then and have thoroughly enjoyed the city each time.

I stayed at the Westin Nova Scotian on my first trip to Halifax and I have returned there twice.  It is a bit away from the bar district, but it has a good private lot that fits my pickup truck, and it is handy to have the farmer’s market across the road. The farmer’s market is busier on certain days, but there is a good breakfast place by the water that I have frequently.  If you happen to be travelling by rail the via station is right there as well.

Pier 21, the Canadian Museum of Immigration is also down the street, and was an interesting experience.  The tour was good to go through and there is a research centre where you can look into your family’s immigration to Canada. The city is built on a hill with the citadel at the top. Because of this there is a lot of walking uphill to get around the downtown area.


As a patron of the pub industry, the waterfront district of Halifax is a great environment to take in some live music or relax on a patio overlooking the water.  I always enjoy exploring the city and seeing what new pubs have opened and returning to old favourites.  There are a variety of places to check out like the Garrison Brewing Company, the Halifax Distillery Co., or taking a tour of the Alexander Keith’s Brewery.  The pubs I tend to return to each time are the Old Triangle Alehouse and the Lower Deck, for the great music and adult beverages.


There are all sorts of museums and other cultural attractions in the harbour district.  I got a chance to go through the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which allows you to go through two museum ships as well.  The C.S.S. Acadia and HMCS Sackville.


Alexander Keith’s Brewery – http://keiths.ca/#/






Rum Runners – https://www.theuncommongroup.com/





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