A Day in Lunenburg

From the Town of Lunenburg

Lunenburg (A World Heritage Site) is a coastal town about an hour south of Halifax in Nova Scotia.  I make it a point to always recommend to people that they visit this beautiful town on their trip to the east coast of Canada.

Fishing village at the end of a long dead end road.

The town is easy to get to down the provincial highway, but I would suggest taking a trip down the coastal route a least once in your life.  Though keep in mind that it can increase the trip by about 4 hours if you go all the way to Peggy’s Cove, 5 hours if you take a back road, one way, one lane to a fishing village with no place to turn a pickup truck around like I did.


There are great shops in Lunenburg, as well as a lot of waterfront restaurants with patios to take in the scenery over a meal and a pint of local cider. The Ironworks Distillery is a great experience to take in and they have some fine spirits to take home with you.


Lunenburg is also the home to the Bluenose II which I originally saw in drydock as they were retrofitting it.  I have since seen it resting at the dock.  They offer rides on certain days but we were not available to go on the right day. I did get a chance to go sailing twice while in Lunenburg aboard the Eastern Star for a few hours.  The price was quite reasonable, the captain was very informative, and he allows you to help out and even take the helm to see what it is like to sail a 48 foot sail boat.

Bluenose II in dry dock






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