A cruise down the eastern shore.

On my first trip to Nova Scotia after exploring part of the south shore and Halifax, I took a tour up the eastern shore out of Halifax on my way to Cape Breton. I wanted to see the actual coast line, but I knew from my all day trip from Lunenburg up to Halifax that a coastal route meanders a lot. The photos really tell the Story.

I am going to name drop a bit, as I took highway 207 through Lawrence town, and Three Fathom Harbour to Seaforth.  It allowed me to get to see the actual coast line and it was quite striking.  I would stop every once in a while on the side of the road if I saw a particularly impressive view, and use my Canon SLR to capture a photo.  Sometimes I would just pull over and shoot right our the window of the truck, using the door to balance the camera.

I caught highway 7 to Musquodoboit Harbour, Ship Harbour and eventually to Sheet Harbour. I still managed to see quite a bit of scenery even though I was not on the coastal road anymore.

I started getting worried about time as I was planning on making it to Sydney, Cape Breton that evening.  I turned up highway 374 through Lochaber Mines to New Glasgow to catch highway 104 to Cape Breton.  My last photo is from the edge of Cape Breton which I will leave for another blog .

Nova Scotia Eastern Shore Tourism

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