Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat


View of Arthur’s Seat from Parliament Buildings (Source – Robert Brown

Arthur’s Seat is one peak in a series of hills behind the Queen’s residence in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Once it was a private park for the royal family and some like to think it was the ancient home of the mythical camelot.  Now it is a hiking park, easily accessed from the Royal Mile.

View of Arthur’s Seat from Queen’s back yard (Source – Robert Brown)

The first time I got to Edinburgh I was planning on climbing to the top but I was still suffering from a chest cold, and I was having trouble catching my breath.  I put it off but came back to Edinburgh near the end of my trip and got the chance to climb it.

Climbing Arthur’s Seat (Source – Robert Brown)

Of course I took the wrong route and after walking for an hour, I was told I was on the long path to the top, and still had a long way to go.  I did get to the top eventually and by taking the round about route I got to capture more photos of the surrounding city.

Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat (Source – Robert Brown)

The view from the top of Arthur’s Seat was amazing, and I made full use of the Canon SLR and long range lens. I am not huge on heights, but I find that tall hills or even small mountains are stable enough for me to feel comfortable.



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