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This blog is my attempt to combine a more recent passion of mine with a couple of passions that I have had for much of my life.  I did not do a lot of travelling early on in my life, having come to really enjoy exploring the world in my thirties.

Photography has been important to me for quite a few years now, and I have explored a few different genres which I hope to showcase more in the future.  In this blog, I want to show some of the beautiful and awe inspiring places that I have been able to see.

Writing was one of my early passions, and I always assumed that I would be a published author in the realm of fantasy by now.  I lost my focus over a decade ago, and have not been able to get back into that realm.  This is the first small step in trying to get back into the habit of writing every day.

About me, Robert Brown; I grew up in a big family with my 4 younger brothers, and my parents on a family farm not far from where I live now.  Growing up in close proximity to nature and spending a lot of my time outdoors I have come to appreciate and respect some of the impressive natural wonders I have been able to witness around the world so far.

I always had a passion for books; mainly historical fiction and fantasy. Around the time I started high school I discovered Nigel Tranter, and reading his epic stories about Scotland inspired and drove me to eventually wander all over Scotland and Ireland over 20 years later.

It was on a trip to Scotland that I met and impressed a Scottish high school teacher with my knowledge of her great country; but when she asked me questions about my home of Canada;  I had not explored nearly as much as she had.  It was then that I decided to explore my own homeland more which is still an ongoing pursuit.  I have spent a lot of time on the east coast of Canada the last few years, and I hope to share some of those experiences here.

This site will be both an experiment in website design, writing, and social media; but I will consider it a success if a few people visit some of the great places I have had the chance of visiting.

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