A relaxing tour of aviation history.


On my first trip into Nova Scotia I came across a sign for the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum which I took some time to explore.  It was a weekday so there was no one at the museum and I got to explore it as i liked with no interruptions.


When I went there was no fee to enter, but they did accept donations; or in my case I bought something from the gift shop as a form of donation. I see they have a recommended donation now.


The exhibit in the lobby was from the early period of aviation history and I believe it was on display temporarily, on loan.  A lot of the planes and jets on display were former training units, but still great to see up close.

The museum also had some displays of Canada’s involvement in the space program, and also our roles in the world wars and NATO.  They had a display of the HMCS Bonaventure which was Canada’s aircraft carrier back in the 1957-70.  Even though I have always been into military history I still had never seen much on a Canadian aircraft carrier.  As per normal, it was a hold over from the British, being started during WWII for the British navy and then left in dry dock at the end of the war.  It was outfitted specifically for the Canadian Navy though, and never served in the British Navy which was surprising.

HMCS Bonaventure



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