The Algonquin Resort


“Of all the countries bordering on the Atlantic coast of the American continent, there is none more grandly favored by nature than the Canadian Province of New Brunswick, whose picturesque shores possess a wonderful charm and attractive- ness ; and in no portion of this magnificent summer domain is there a more delightful spot than St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, where ideal conditions exist in beauty of environment, salubrity of climate and healthfulness of locality. With pure salt sea air, the life-giving breath of the pine, wondrous scenic splendor, and every facility for the comfortable housing of visitors — it is an incomparable resting-place and retreat from the cares of business and the heat and dust of the city.” (As taken from the tourist pamplet of the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1902)

Algonquin Hotel 1928 (Source – wikipedia)

I was in St. Andrews by the sea, New Brunswick on my first trip to the east coast and I found it to be just as it was described in that pamplet from over one hundred years ago.  I have not had the chance to stay in the Algonquin Resort yet but having studied its rich history I am looking forward to a visit in the future.

The Algonquin Resort

The resort was actually built by the St. Andrews Land Co., an American company in June 1889 with 233 rooms. The original building burned down in 1914, but wings built in 1908 and 1912 survived.  The original building was replaced with a similar design but with a concrete structure.


One of the original attractions of the resort was its saltwater baths. Salt water was pumped up from Passamaquady Bay to rooftop water tanks.  The guests bathtubs had four taps, two for fresh water and two for saltwater.  The air at the Bay of Fundy was considered to have healing properties as did the local “Samson Spring”.

The Algonquin Resort (Source – Marriott)

Van Horne visited St. Andrews, staying at the Algonquin.  He enjoyed the area so much he purchased Minister’s Island and built the Covenhoven Estate which still stands today.  In 1899, Van Horne retired to Covenhoven, and in 1903, his former company Canadian Pacific Railway purchased the Algonquin, and built golf courses beside it. In 1970, the ownership was taken over by local interests, and later by the government of New Brunswick.  The CPR continued to manage it until 2013 when Marriott was chosen to take over.

Land bridge to Minister’s Island (Source – Pinterest)
The Algonquin Resort (Source – Marriott)


New Brunswick Archives

The Algonquin Resort – Marriott

Van Horne Estate – Minister’s Island

Potato Chips: Hot off the Line!

The Hartland end of the Bridge (Source – Robert Brown)

On my initial trip through New Brunswick with my friend James we went out of our way to see the longest covered bridge in the world.  It connects Hartland to Somerville, New Brunswick across the Saint John River for 1282 feet.  It was built in 1921-22.  It was referred to as a “kissing bridge” as young couples would stop halfway to steal a kiss before continuing the rest of the way across.  This actually caused controversy with local church groups.  A side walkway was added in 1945.  It is a National Historic Site.

Historical Site Plate

There is also a small gift shop and monument on the edge of the river on the Hartland side.

Hartland Covered Bridge (Source – Robert Brown)

After we got to see the covered bridge we headed back across the bridge and over the main highway to another attraction that was the reason we had gotten off the highway in the first place.  The Covered Bridge Potato Chip began producing chips in 2009, though the family has been growing potatos since the 1920’s.


The potato chip factory had a neat little tour set up where there are videos on the potato production history in New Brunswick and a chance to see the chips actually being made.  As you pass by the production line the guide actually grabs you a bag of hot chips right off the end of the line.  Back in the store they have different toppings to try on the chips.  We each bought a few bags to take back with us, including lobster flavoured chips..and red and whites.  That was 4 years ago and not long after I began seeing them for sale in ontario as well, which has been handy.


Hartland Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Potato Chips

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